The Path of Recipe For Hope

Every day 1 in 4 women will become a victim of domestic violence.  There are many other domestic violence organizations and resources that currently assist victims with immediate shelter, food, and counseling.  But what happens to these women AFTER they have left their abuser. 

  • What resources or skills do they have to find a job or make career for themselves?
  • Where can they gain their independence and confidence back? 

What makes us unique is that RFH provides job training to our women so they can make great personal strides and re-establish themselves into a new and productive life.

The goal of the program is to provide a rich environment for guidance, instruction, transforming lives, realize potential and expand opportunity for expressing talents and gifts.  We encourage higher education, entrepreneurship and training in meaningful life work and finally, developing skill sets to become fully self-supporting and healthy contributing adults. RFH will help participants identify their strengths and encourage and teach them skills to develop and nourish their inner strengths. 

Recipe For Hope will offer a (6) to (9) month curriculum designed in demonstrating the culinary art.  We will provide FREE job training classes to those that qualify.  These classes will include culinary skills, food management, packaging design, inventory, and more.  Other programs include self-defense classes and finance-to-freedom.

Our formal training will help participants discover and accomplish their developmental goals. RFH collaborates with other domestic violence organizations to increase their services.  Our staff and collaborative partners, along with the individual, will jointly design their individual path to success.  This plan will contain training, education, and development activities to acquire the competencies needed to meet their desired objectives for self-love and a new life.